Xupermask: High-tech COVID-19 protective mask that costs 250 euros

The mask will be a protective accessory against COVID-19 that will be a long time among humanity. In addition to the conventional ones, there are companies that design this accessory, but in a technological way. William Adams, "Will.i.am", rapper and founder of the Black Eyed Peas, is back with another gadget that may be way ahead of its time. His most recent creation is a smart face mask, but not just any mask!

We are talking about a unique set of technologies that have protection "from another world". Since we speak in other worlds, know that this mask has the hand of the company that creates the space suits for SpaceX.

Xupermask is the super mask against COVID-19

“Xupermask”, a collaboration with the mask manufacturer N95 Honeywell, is designated as a special mask with a spatial touch. In fact, we start with the price, we are talking about a $ 299 product, about 250 euros.

As described, this mask is partly made of silicone and athletic mesh for an extra comfortable fit. In addition to its set of manufacturing materials, the technological part has LEDs, fans, a non-medical HEPA filtering system and even noise-canceling headphones.

In short, it is a simple smartphone that we can attach to the face.

It's a new category.

Said Will Lange, Honeywell's commercial director for personal protective equipment, as quoted by The New York Times.

A gadget to bring in the face

O wearable it was even designed by Jose Fernandez, according to the NYT, the designer was the creator of SpaceX space suits and worked on several Marvel films, including "Black Panther".

We are living in times of science fiction. The pandemic came straight from a bloody movie. But we are wearing masks from the film of the past. So, I wanted to make a mask to fit the era we are in.

Will.i.am told the Times.

The rapper compared the way the mask protects the face to the way the shoes protect the feet. In other words, you cannot “enter a mall, restaurant or plane without shoes” in the same way that you cannot enter without a mask.

But you don't have to tell anyone to wear shoes.

Finished the rapper.

What if a mask did both?

According to what he told the NYT, this idea of ​​Will.i.am appeared last March. Outside the country, the artist was concerned about his return to the USA. That is, what worried him was being inside an airplane, full of people, even with a mask having to share the air with everyone who was there.

The launch of Xupermask is scheduled for April 8, leaving an important question: isn't it a little late for this news?

Although mass vaccination is well underway in the country, cases are still on the rise, due to the new variants of the virus. Depending on who asks, making an investment in the $ 300 mask, in this final stage of the pandemic, may not be the best idea.

Will.i.am, however, believes that the masks are here to stay, just as people in many parts of Asia still wear masks today, after the SARS epidemic in 2003.

After all, this mask may not have a bright future. As we know, Will.i.am's sometimes crazy ideas, like Pulse, for example, never come out of paper and a beautiful promotional film. However, this one, who knows, may have legs to walk…. guys, guys to walk!

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