Wish is one of the most famous shopping apps. Available on the desktop, as well as on androids and iPhones, Wish is an ecommerce application that has attracted the attention of customers because of its significantly reduced prices. It should also be noted the attention of publications such as Forbes for evaluation and financing of the company. In the light of all this buzz, you might be curious if the Wish app is legitimate and how it works.


To start with Wish you need Download Wish and you have to create an account using your Facebook ID, Gmail ID, or a new username that you created with your email address. Once you have done this, you will be able to browse the available offers by category (Accessories, Baby and Kids, Fashion, Gadgets, Hobby, Home Decor, Phone Updates, etc.). There is even a “Made for You” section that includes t-shirts and mugs that you can personalize with your name.


If you browse the products available on Wish you will quickly notice that it announces almost incredible discounts. For example, a pair of women’s boots is listed as having gone from $ 181 to $ 18. However, Wish has not listed any brand information or other specific features of this product or countless others on its site. You cannot really verify that you benefit from such a discount.

This brings us to an important element to note about Wish: products are shipped directly from manufacturers in China and other Asian countries, which is why it is able to keep prices so low. In general, you should not expect the same level of quality as when you pay the big price.


You will certainly find heavily discounted prices when shopping through the Wish application. For all the products available for purchase on Wish, you will be able to see approximately the number of people who have bought each, rounded to the nearest thousand. For example, a Bluetooth smart watch can be listed for $ 9 and purchased by more than 20,000 customers. You will also find many cheap fashionable clothing, such as sweatpants for less than $ 15, down $ 140.

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Once you have decided to buy an item, simply add it to your cart. In fact, Wish generally displays a slightly lower price when you add an item to your cart (think $ 8.55 instead of $ 9). Shipping prices vary depending on the item but are generally less than $ 10. However, as you will find in the section below, shipping times can be long. Note that you can customize the number of notifications you receive from Wish. By default, you will receive many emails with product recommendations, transaction analysis, and more.


The Wish application and the Wish site offer you a return policy allowing you to request a refund within 30 days of delivery or the latest delivery estimate. You must use the app or website to start the return and you must hear it within 72 hours. You are responsible for the payment of the shipment and all costs related to returns. The advantage is that it is often enough to prove that something is wrong with a picture and they will refund you without asking you to return the item. When I tried to return a Wish item that was not what I had bought, they finally needed the package information I had already thrown away. Do not discard until the refund is processed.


Wish is a very useful app for finding good deals, but you should keep in mind a few points when using the app.

It displays your real name publicly for product listings, so beware: this is one of the most important things to keep in mind when using the Wish. As Buzzfeed pointed out, the app displays full customer names on their profiles as well as their wish lists. Do not assume that your Wish list is private and consider refraining from creating wish lists and completely reviewing the elements of Wish. That said, the Wish app does not seem to sell information that identifies you as an individual to third parties.

Delivery times vary considerably: reviews of the Wish app clearly indicate that you should not expect your items to arrive on time. Some users report that it takes more than a month to receive a product, while others may arrive in a few days. In short, delivery times seem to be everywhere.

Read the product details: Highly discounted prices may seem a little more logical when you inspect the details of the product you order. The items you can buy through Wish are not usually among the top selling varieties, and it appears that the initial prices shown are a comparison of items and brand options.


Wish is available on android as well as IOS devices. Wish also has launched the Web version for desktop users.

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Wish - Shopping Made Fun
Wish - Shopping Made Fun
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