Weekly question: 65% of readers are at home teleworking

Teleworking is a new concept for many people. Although there are those who already do it regularly, as employees of companies from abroad who carry out their activities from home, there are also those who have never heard of it, much less practice.

In that sense, we asked readers if they would do telework, and today we bring the results.

As a worker, are you going to do telework?

Within the scope of this question, we obtained 2447 responses, and after we ended the voting, we concluded that the majority, more precisely 65% of readers will do telework (1589 votes).

On the other hand, the remaining 35% say they won't do their job from home (858 votes)

Graph results

Thus, through these results, we realized that, at the date of the question, most of the readers who participated are on a teleworking regime.

However, in a State of Emergency phase, we can estimate that this percentage may have increased. This is because many companies were forced to close doors, so the solution to ensure the continuity of some tasks, involves teleworking.

Many workers and managers are, for the first time, having contact with tools to do work from home. For this reason, we have already left a starter kit here, with a list of useful resources to start your teleworking regime now and also some suggestions for videoconferencing platforms.

Take advantage of the theme and also answer our question this week.

This week's question:

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In this section, we ask a question about pertinent, current and useful topics, to get to know the opinion and trends of our readers in the world of technology, especially in our country.

So, if you want to see a topic voted on in our weekly questions, just leave a comment with it or send it to marisa.pinto@pplware.com.

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