US: government official caught stealing electricity to mine Bitcoins

The popularity and rising value of cryptocurrencies has also given rise to unusual stories that show us that people are capable of anything to 'get rich'.

We recently revealed the case of an employee of the Polytechnic of Setúbal who used the network to mine cryptocurrencies. The situation we are telling you now happened in the United States where a public official was also caught stealing energy to mine Bitcoins. According to the collected data, the subject embezzled about 6,000 dollars in electricity.




It is not news to anyone that the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies is an increasingly present reality. But many of these actions are discovered by the authorities and, consequently, publicized through the media.

This practice is particularly attractive due to the current valuation of digital currencies. A Bitcoin is currently worth almost 38 thousand euros, according to CoinMarketCap. As such, there are always guys with certain abilities to circumvent certain rules and who manage to illegally mine cryptocurrencies for their own pleasure.

Employee caught stealing energy to mine Bitcoins

After a guy illegally used the Starbucks electrical network in the US to extract digital coins, another unusual story about this activity comes from the country.

This time it was a civil servant from Suffolk County, New York, who was eventually caught red-handed stealing electricity from the institution to mine Bitcoins. According to details revealed by NBC News, the guy, an IT supervisor, defrauded the county of $6,000 in energy.

Authorities said the official was accused of using his workplace to install dozens of cryptocurrency mining equipment in the municipal secretary's office and use thousands of dollars worth of electricity to run them.

The guy's name is Christopher Naples, and according to Suffolk County Attorney Timothy Sini, he worked as a supervisor of information technology operations. He is now accused of various crimes, including corruption, theft and fraud in communications.

Naples, 42, was present in court last Wednesday, but was released on bail. According to the prosecutor, the supervisor, who has worked for the county since 2000, has installed 46 mining slabs at various locations. And everything indicates that some equipment had been installed since February.

In a statement, Sini said that:

Mining cryptocurrencies requires an enormous amount of resources, and the systems have to work to cover all electricity and cooling costs. (Naples) found a way to do this. But unfortunately it was at taxpayers' expense.

With these crimes, the official could be sentenced up to 15 years in prison.

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