Tip: Windows 10 Task Manager provides data to help with remote support

Now that many users are working remotely, it is important that Windows 10 on their machines is always available and without problems. The need for support thus becomes more complicated, even in situations that could be easy.

To help users and those who need support, Microsoft has given Windows 10 a few extras. A little known is in the Task Manager. This element also allows you to collect data in a very simple way.

Windows 10 Data Remote Task Manager support

Remote support with more data

To provide remote support, users need to collect as much information as possible. This is spread over several points in Windows 10, not always being really useful or easy to collect. However, there is a new area that now gives even more information.

The Task Manager also now has a lot more information that can be quickly collected for later evaluation or sharing. You just need to call this element, with a right mouse click on the Windows 10 taskbar.

Windows 10 Data Remote Task Manager support

Everything is in the Task Manager

In the Performance tab you can choose one of the elements present and then click with the right mouse button. The Copy option allows you to collect a lot of information about each of these different elements of the system.

Remember that you must choose the element you want to copy and only then indicate that you want to copy. This collection can be done anywhere in the Task Manager interface, after which it is ready to be used.

Windows 10 Data Remote Task Manager support

Simple sharing of Windows 10 information

However, they only need to paste the information into any text editor or an email message. For more details, they must choose all the elements and collect all the information present. Only in this way can they give more detail to the information.

It may not be the most conventional way of collecting this data, but it is certainly the simplest way to obtain it. With a few clicks you can obtain important and relevant data in the remote support process.

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