Tip: Use your Canon camera as a webcam in Windows 10

In quarantine times, all communication goes through the Internet and video conferencing services. Thus, we must have the best equipment or, at least, the one that can offer the best to the user.

Many have a Canon camera at home, which is probably now stopped. The question is why not use it as a webcam? If until now it was not possible in an easy way, Canon solved the problem in a simple way.

Canon EOS webcam camera

Canon Video Conferencing Help

Most laptop webcams are not of high quality, but they still give the user an excellent experience. Since many have Canon cameras at home, the ideal thing is to be able to use it for superior video quality.

To achieve this, Canon decided to give a hand and presented a first version of its EOS Webcam Utility software. This makes it possible to turn a wide range of branded equipment into PC cameras.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msJAkr3FsUM (/ embed)

A step towards giving more to cameras

This is a simple process to do, then simply connect the camera to the PC with a simple USB cable. For now the EOS Webcam Utility is in beta and only supports 64-bit versions of Windows 10.

Still, it gives access to something that users have been asking for a long time. Of course, it also makes your cameras even more useful.

Canon EOS webcam camera

Canon's limited list of EOS and PowerShot

Also, the list of supported equipment is not yet large, leaving out many cameras that are still ready to be used. Canon presented this list on its website, not knowing whether it will be extended in the future.

To use just go to the Canon website and choose the version of EOS Webcam Utility for the desired camera model. It must then be installed, without any app visible to the user at the end.

Canon EOS webcam camera

New high quality webcam in Windows 10

After this installation process is finished, the camera must be connected to the PC. Subsequently, they must open their preferred video conference app and search for the camera settings. Inside you will find your Canon ready to be used as a webcam.

It only remains to put the tripod in position and make the camera the focus of the entire videoconference process. This is an excellent help from Canon for everyone who has their EOS or PowerShot stopped for now.

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