Tip: Turn Apple Watch Power Saver on and off

The Apple Watch over the years has increased its preponderance in an increasingly strong market. Today, this gadget is seen as a device that is attentive to people's health, vigilant of vital signs and an active “partner” of the iPhone. When it comes to the battery, Apple has improved availability, although we still have to charge it at least every other day. If you are traveling, there is a trick to extend the life of your smartwatch for a while longer, using Energy Saver.

Our tip for today is to teach you how to turn on and off the Power Saver mode on your Apple Watch.

Image of Apple Watch from Apple managing the battery in Energy Saver mode

This is a tip that can help people to extend the power of the Apple Watch in situations where it is not possible to charge it. If you are going on a trip and are still far from being able to connect the charger, if you forgot to charge it and the battery is almost drained, you can activate this mode.

Check the battery charge

First of all, our suggestion is to take a look at a menu you probably never visited. Let's check the battery level of the Apple Watch. For this, we can use several ways:

  • Swipe your finger upward on the display to open the Control Center and see the battery percentage.
  • On certain dials, you can add a battery complication.
  • On the iPhone, you can add a battery widget to display any connected Apple Watch.
  • When the smartwatch is charging in Night Mode, touch the charge button to check the battery percentage.

Using Energy Saver

Power Saver lets you see the time on your Apple Watch while preserving battery life. So, while your Apple Watch is in Energy Saver mode, press the side button so that the current time is displayed. In mode Energy saving, Apple Watch and iPhone do not communicate and you cannot access other features of the watch.

Despite being a feature option, some people use this function when they are low on battery and, in a flight of a few hours, put the Apple Watch in this mode. This option can be used at any time, but the Apple Watch itself suggests it when the battery reaches 10%. Then the watch alerts you and asks if you want to use Energy Saver.

The watch automatically enters Energy Saver mode if the battery is very low and the battery icon is low is displayed next to the hours.

To enable Energy Saver:

  1. Swipe your finger upward on the watch face to open the Control Center.
  2. Touch the battery percentage.
  3. Drag the Energy Saver slider, then tap Continue.

Disable Energy Saver

  1. Press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.
  2. Wait for the Apple Watch to restart. You may need to charge your Apple Watch first.

So, with this tip you can really manage the battery better at certain times, if you don't have access to the charger. In addition, this option, Battery, has other information that may be interesting to explore. The suggestion remains.

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