Tip: The first setting to make when you start using Google Photos on Android

Despite being present on Android natively, not everyone uses Google Photos to save their photos. More than an image repository, this app guarantees users a unique functionality. We talk about the backup copies you make automatically.

Of course, you must configure this app perfectly so that it is adjusted to what is asked. Thus, there are settings that have to be made immediately. What we show today, is the first configuration to do when you start using Google Photos on Android.

Google Photos Android configuration backups

The importance of Google Photos in this system

Google Photos on Android can be divided into several areas of expertise. In addition to a gallery and an image and video editor, this is also an instrument for backup copies. Thus, they guarantee that all photographs are safeguarded and available in case of problems.

It is therefore essential that it is configured and that you are prepared to send copies of the photographs that you take to Google. Therefore, they must open Google Photos on Android and click on the user's avatar image.

Backup configuration

The Photos menu will then open, where the user must choose the Photos Settings option. This way you access this area of ​​the app menu where you can change your active options. Here, they must choose the first option, associated with backup and synchronization.

Above all, they should immediately activate the Backup and sync option, if it is disabled. From that moment, the captured images will be sent to the Google service, where they can also be consulted by the browser.

Enjoy and improve what you give to Android

They can then take advantage and change the settings for some important parts. They can define the upload size, the value for using mobile data and choose the folders they want to save in the backup.

It is in this simple way that backup copies are set up in Google Photos. From then on they can take pictures without any problem, thus ensuring that they are sent to Google's cloud and are safe there.

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