Tip: Fed up with Google Maps on Android Auto? Try these 3 options

Google has been changing Android Auto a lot, with constant news and improvements that have long been requested. Now that it is available in Portugal, it is time to explore it further and take all the available advantages from it.

One of the foundations of this Google proposal for the car is Google Maps, which everyone has known for many years. As not everyone likes this offer, today we present three alternatives that you can use to orient yourself on Android Auto.

Android Auto Google Maps Drive

One of the major recent changes to Android Auto has been its opening up to other map apps. This new approach allows for more alternatives to Google Maps, as it already happens on the smartphone and Android itself.


The first proposal has been in Android Auto for some years now. We are talking about the well-known Waze, which was purchased by Google and which is one of the great alternatives to any proposed map service.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPML7IQIp1Y (/ embed)

Focused on the community, it uses the shared information to generate traffic and problem information. In the case of Android Auto, Waze is able to give users all the user experience that they have on their smartphone.

Home page: Waze
Price: Free

Sygic GPS Navigation

The second proposal is Sygic GPS Navigation, which recently came to Android Auto. This was one of the first proposals to appear in the Google proposal and to achieve a prominent position.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1b5Hh2prPI (/ embed)

Sygic GPS Navigation is able to provide an important experience by dispensing with the Internet connection. It works offline and thus ensures that the maps are constantly updated. To this is added a simple to use interface, which is important when being used while driving.

Home page: Sygic
Price: Free

TomTom AmiGO

The latest proposal available in this universe is the TomTom proposal. It also focuses on a community that feeds all the information in real time, with alerts and dangers that arise during the trip.

Android Auto Google Maps Drive

Something that the creators of TomTom Amigo reinforce is that it is completely free and free of advertising. There is also a great focus on the interface that is simple to use and very logical, without complicating anything for the user.

Home page: TomTom
Price: Free

Any of these alternatives can be installed on Android for later use in the car. Android Auto is already available in Portugal and, therefore, can and should be used to its full potential, to help users.

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