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The world is changing and evolving, it has always been that way, but the technological era in which we live is making our way of life is continually changing and evolving at great speed. And if we want to be aware of what is happening around us, regardless of how old we are, we must be updated. Today, TikTok is a term that probably already sounds familiar, but if it is not so sure that you will be familiar quickly. Next, let’s show what TikTok is and how the fashionable social network works.

Years ago Facebook was the most popular social network, while we also started hearing other terms like youtubers. With the passage of time we have been seeing how popularity was carried by another social network, Instagram, and as instead of youtubers we are already hearing more and more the term streamers.

Anyway, what is true is that TikTok is becoming the social network of the moment, so let’s explain exactly what it is, where it comes from and how we can use it.

What is TikTok

Basically, TikTok is a social network based on sharing small videos, but for many is already much more than that, since it has become one of the most downloaded applications worldwide.

TikTok was launched in 2016, but in a very short time has grown exponentially. So much so that in the last quarter of 2018 could have exceeded 120 or 130 million users. The origin of TikTok is Asian, specifically Chinese, and its original name is Douyin, although we have come with the name of TikTok.

The truth is that at the birth of this new phenomenon, a social network based on sharing small video clips, one could not imagine that with the competition that could be found would have a success of this magnitude. However, TikTok quickly took matters into his own hands and took over Musical.ly’s property with a cheque book, as he executed his purchase for almost $1 billion.

This meant that Musical.ly users were also migrated to the TikTok application, since it was essential if they wanted to continue using their accounts. Something that many users may not have liked but that has finally made TikTok have a very strong user injection all of a sudden.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of YouTubers and the curiosity of most users of different social networks to create their own content, has made TikTok the success it has today.

How TikTok works

Once installed the TikTok app on the mobile, we will see that like other social networks has a home page or video feed that shows videos shared by users we follow or content suggestions. Contents that are mainly small music clips, although it does not remove that we find content with another theme such as funny or humorous videos, for example.

What may seem quite normal to many of them, for the younger ones this has made it the place where millions of teenagers upload their own videos every day. However, the great attraction is the amount of filters that can be applied to the videos so that they have the maximum sensation in the social network. We could say that TikTok has a style similar to Instagram, but this time focuses on videos.

How to download any TikTok video on your mobile

TikTok allows you to upload videos of short duration, but also offers the possibility to edit them, apply a lot of effects, many of them really eye-catching, or even add background music.

In short, it offers a way for young people to create their own videos and edit them without having previous knowledge in this type of tasks and of course, share them with all their followers. In TikTok we also have our lists of friends or followers who can vote on our creations, send us messages, etc.

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