The final version of Kodi 19 is here! It's time to update your favorite media player

The team responsible for Kodi had been preparing something new for several months. Version 19 of this media player was in testing for some time, ensuring that it was perfect and that all bugs and flaws were fixed.

Because the most awaited version of this software has just arrived and the Kodi 19 is ready to be installed. The news has finally been released and everyone can update or install what the community has finally introduced.

Kodi media player version update

Here's the new Kodi 19

This was a novelty expected by many for several months. Since the first test version was launched, the news was constantly being presented. They were naturally still versions that had bugs, but that showed the way that was going to be followed.

According to what was revealed, this version involved 50 open source programmers, who changed 5,000 files and added, changed or removed 600,000 lines of code. Of course, all the time spent on this version, in the various phases, was voluntary.

Kodi media player version update

What's new in this media player

The most relevant and even more disruptive change in this version of the media player was the adoption of Python 3. This may cause some plugins to stop working until they are adapted by the programmers. Apart from this, there are changes and improvements in several areas.

Almost all areas of Kodi have been targeted, with a special focus on security. There are also changes in the graphics and improvements to the subtitles that are presented. There are changes in the codecs used and that are specific to each supported platform.

Kodi media player version update

Simple to upgrade to this version

The new version of the media player is now available on the Kodi website, to be installed. Simply access the site and search for the version desired by each user. It is only the alert that the version available for Windows 10, via Microsoft store, is not yet updated.

It's time to install Kodi 19 and test all the new features that have been created. They also validate the improvements that will make this media player an even better and more appealing tool to be used by everyone.

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