Tesla will have abandoned sales of the Standard Range, the cheapest model Y

Tesla and Elon Musk have always promised to create cars that are more affordable. The brand has tried to fulfill this idea, but not always with the positive results that were expected. In practice, prices are reduced, but not to the expected values.

Now, and from what is possible to see on the brand's website, there was another change in its offer. The cheaper model, which served as the basis for the Model Y, was eventually removed, no longer possible to be purchased.

Model Y Tesla Standard Range model sales

The future of Model Y

Model Y is the latest proposal at Tesla for its electric cars. This will be a vehicle that the brand wants to sell globally and achieve the same success as previous models. The brand has adjusted its offer and this is another of its proposals.

Tesla has recently adjusted the prices of these cars and created the Standard Range model. This was his cheapest proposal in this line and the one that would have the greatest adhesion on the part of customers. With almost 400 km of autonomy, it had a very appealing price.

Tesla eliminated the Standard Range

Unfortunately, and just over a month after it was launched, Tesla's new Model Y disappeared. Tesla simply removed this proposal from its website, so it could no longer be purchased by anyone who was interested in this model.

For now, and without any certainty that the Standard Range model will return, there are only 2 proposals. Thus, and as can be seen on the Tesla website, only Long Range and Performance models can be purchased, with prices of € 65,000 and € 71,000.

Model Y Tesla Standard Range model sales

The end of sales of this model?

It is not known whether this change will be temporary or whether it will be permanent on Tesla's part. It is not the first time that the brand has taken positions of these and temporarily makes some of its models disappear. Sometimes they are just changes to factory lines or other similar issues.

Whatever Tesla's reasons, this change reinforces some criticism from customers. The brand changes its offer impulsively and without giving any notification to potential buyers, who are thus obliged to pay more to have an electric car of the brand.

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