Telegram creator attacks Apple and iPhone 12, comparing it to an old model

The creator of Telegram has recently taken on almost extremist positions when it comes to Apple. He has criticized the company in some key moments, following a whole wave of criticism in relation to some situations.

Now, and without any reason, he focused his opinions on the new iPhone 12, comparing it to an old model and without any novelty. Apple was not spared and the criticism also focused on this company.

Telegram iPhone 12 Apple Pavel Durov review

A critical opinion of Pavel Durov

The opinions of the creator of Telegram certainly tend to be strong and incisive. Pavel Durov does not shy away from giving his opinion on many issues related to the world of technology, as we have often had the opportunity to watch.

Apple has been one of its preferred targets, and has always been criticized for its competitive practices. Pavel Durov has been trying to show that the Cupertino giant tends to protect its apps and services from what the competition offers.

iPhone 12 compared to an old model

Now, after receiving his iPhone 12 Pro, the creator of Telegram has returned to express his opinion. This is not favorable and portrays the iPhone 12 mainly as “an incredibly strange piece of iron“.

His opinion goes further and describes the new iPhone 12 as “a super sized version of the iPhone 5 2012 with a disgusting main camera block, where the modules are located at three different heights”.

Telegram creator attacks Apple

He also complains about the presence of the notch, which gives him a low screen utility rate, thanks to this occupied space. In general, his opinion is that the iPhone 12 transmits an image of an outdated equipment and with little technical news.

Pavel Durov ends his criticism by focusing on Apple's management. 9 years after Steve Jobs' death, the company lives off the reputation he has built, however without recent innovation. He gives as an example the recent sales drops and predicts that in a few years the iPhone will have a marginal presence in the market.

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