Silver Sparrow: Apple has taken steps to eradicate mysterious malware

After discovering new and unusual malware that had the potential to attack Macs, although it is optimized for Apple Silicon, the Cupertino company has acted to minimize any impact that maliciously designed software could have in the future.

Despite being a strange malware, as it took no action, Apple developed countermeasures to eradicate this attempted attack.

Silver Sparrow malware illustration on Apple macOS

Apple Silicon on Silver Sparrow target

On Saturday, the malware was revealed by Red Canary investigators. It was noted that this piece of software used an unusual attack vector to install malware on macOS.

The cluster, referred to by researchers as "Silver Sparrow", was also considered to be one of the first examples of malware that had the ability to attack Apple's Silicon Macs.

Malware with “dry powder bullets”

According to what has been discovered, this malicious software has unusual features. That is, the malware appeared to be under development, incomplete, or part of a test, given that it had no malicious payload. However, the software had the ability to add other items at a later date, through repeated hourly updates.

For some reason, the malware has so far taken no action. However, neither will it be from now on. Shortly after publishing the details of the malware, Apple took steps to reduce the potential damage that Silver Sparrow could do to its operating system.

An Apple spokesman said the company had previously revoked certificates for developer accounts used by the malware creator to sign the packages. The action effectively prevents new Macs from being infected by malware, reducing the spread.

MacOS system update and permanent attention

In addition to the certificate revocation, Apple notes that it also employs many security hardware and software protections in its products and services. In addition, Apple also develops regular software updates that can prevent threats from impacting.

Although the Mac App Store is probably one of the safest places to purchase macOS software, due to these protections, the spokesman added that software purchased outside the Mac App Store is also protected. Using Notary Service, like other security mechanisms, allows machines to detect malware and block it before it runs.

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