Samsung Galaxy Fold arrives in Portugal with price… amazing!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was one of the most iconic and spoken gadgets that the South Korean manufacturer has launched this year. The folding smartphone was innovative in its concept and now arrives in Portugal!

Consumers will be able to buy it very soon from various retail outlets, including Samsung stores. Know your price for our country and other highlights!

Samsung Galaxy Fold Portugal price sale

The folding smartphone segment was virtually revolutionized by Samsung earlier this year. Several manufacturers followed along the same path, but the South Korean company pioneered its concept.

Despite such innovation, this equipment has always faced many adversities. The high price has driven some users away… In addition to this, the manufacturing process was complex and meant that production never reached levels equivalent to other models. There was still the problem of the screen, with it giving some problems and being expensive to replace.

Despite all this, the manufacturer has risen to its magnitude and is managing to bring the Galaxy Fold to more markets, offering excellent service… And now it's Portugal's turn!

At an event organized today, Samsung opened its new store at the Colombo Shopping Center in Lisbon. The brand's new store is the second in Central and Southern Europe to introduce a new concept of selling to the public, a unique investment focused on the user experience.

Taking advantage of the event, the brand introduced its folding smartphone in our country. Galaxy Fold hits stores on December 23, just in time for Christmas, for € 2,049.90. Pre-sale starts December 6th.

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