Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 cores bursts with stock in Japan

On November 25th, AMD launched 3 new versions of the 3rd generation Zen 2 architecture processors, including Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 cores and 32 threads. That same day, the processor was put on the shelf of various retailers around the world. However, the stock was not sufficient to cope with so much demand.

Since then, product availability has been virtually nil, being completely out of stock for most European countries and the largest US retail stores.

Image of AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Processor Case sold in Japan

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X sold out in Japan

AMD is now approaching the Japanese market, making the launch official on November 30th. As in the rest of the world, available stock was not sufficient to meet demand. As a result, many of the enthusiasts were in a harrowing wait for more units. Surprisingly, this “AMD fever” is not just located in Europe and the USA, the epidemic is already worldwide!

The good moment of AMD

As it turned out, purchasing a 3950X (as well as the 3960X and 3970X) represents a herculean task. In fact, it is virtually impossible to find a dealer with this product in stock. There is currently no official announcement with a planned stock replenishment date, leaving many fans in a demanding and painful wait.

In Japan, the processor was officially launched on November 30th. Customers were forced to wait in long lines to secure the purchase of a booking coupon.

As reported by Akiba-pc.watch, sales were planned to begin on November 30, with each buyer having to pre-purchase a reservation ticket and wait in line at their store. Later, in order, was delivered AMD's latest 16-core AM4 processor.

According to information provided by the site, there were even some shoppers who tried to wait in line at night, being forbidden such action and being advised to return again in the morning.

Processor price didn't push buyers back

The influx exhibited by the Japanese community was huge, and not even the price set back the interested parties. This new product was placed on the Japanese market with a recommended price of 100,000 Yen, approximately $ 913.

Even with a difference of more than $ 150 from the price set on the date of the US release, the processors came out as "hot buns" and demand does not appear to diminish.

The main selling points in Tokyo registered huge numbers of interested parties. As can be appreciated, there were queues with over 200 people for the booking ticket. By the time most stores opened, Japan's full stock of Ryzen 9 3950X was already sold out.

In short, the balance of the Ryzen 3000 series does not seem to slow down and the proof of this is the total sales that the brand has achieved, winning the top 10 of the best selling processors by Amazon and completely depriving Intel of the number one CPU maker. At least that's what the numbers indicate.

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