Rumor: Apple may skip the iPhone 13 and launch the iPhone 14 this week

Everything seems to be ready for the long-awaited Apple event where the latest products from the Cupertino brand will be presented. The most anticipated, of course, is the new iPhone 13, on which a lot of ink has already been written.

However, some recent rumors are gaining traction that the apple brand could pass the iPhone 13 and launch the iPhone 14 this week. The reason will be related to issues of superstition.




Will iPhone 13 give way to iPhone 14?

At least that's what the rumors indicate. Apple may then discard the iPhone 13 and introduce the iPhone 14 this week, specifically on Tuesday, September 14th.

This information began to gain strength during this weekend through some sources that follow the trends of the production network of the apple brand.

About the potential motive, maybe the reader is already seeing more or less what it is. Everything indicates that this possibility is related to questions of superstition. This is because in several countries around the world, including Portugal, the number 13 represents an unlucky number. In the US, for example, there are some buildings that go from 12th to 14th and some airports do not have boarding platform No. 13.

Apple iPhone

For now, there is no official Apple data that points in this direction. And the iPhone 13 will probably be released, as expected. Even because it seems that superstition is not a concern of the apple brand. Proof of this is the launch of the 13" MacBook and iOS 13.

However, it is not long before we know what Tim Cook's company will actually present. The Apple event is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 14th, at 6 pm, in mainland Portugal. As usual, we will follow everything live here on Pplware to let you know all the news.

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