Razer launches Wolverine V2 controller for Xbox Series X and S

With the arrival of the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, new equipment and accessories for gaming equipment are also emerging.

Razer, a popular brand mainly in the gaming segment, has now launched the Wolverine V2 controller for the new Microsoft consoles. Let's get to know this powerful product a little better.

The Xbox Series X and Series S were launched last October 10th. The Series X is the main model, while the Series S is the less powerful and fully digital version.

Here we already have the Xbox Series X in hand and we have also released here the first impressions of the console. But those who failed to buy theirs in time, may now have to wait until April next year.

Razer launches Wolverine V2 controller for Xbox Series X and S Series

Razer is an American brand based in California, USA and is also one of the best known brands in terms of gaming accessories. It also has an interesting set of smartphones for the gaming segment.

With the arrival of new consoles from Microsoft, the brand has also launched a very interesting command. It is called Wolverine V2 and is intended for Xbox Series X and Series S.

According to the information, this command promises greater ergonomics than the models that already come with the consoles.

The Wolverine V2 features a dr L-shaped design, which makes it easier to pull the rear triggers. It also has a Mecha-Tactile D-Pad with extra action buttons.

The controller is certified by Microsoft and, in addition to the Series X and S, it can also work on Xbox One and Windows 10. It does not have Bluetooth and works via a USB connection, with a three-meter cable.

The brand even says that this model is much more ergonomic than the Wolverine Tournament Edition.

Razer's Wolverine V2 comes with a two-year warranty and is priced at $ 99.99. For now there is still no information on when you can arrive in Portugal.

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