Problems with Raspberry Pi 4 Wi-Fi? It's not the only one and it's the monitor's fault

Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest proposal from the well-known mini PC that showed how useful these can be. With more capabilities, it promises even more performance and gives users an even better experience.

This pocket computer has shown some problems, something that was not expected given its maturity. A new problem has now emerged, associated with Wi-Fi, with the cause being identified. It should be in the setting used on the monitor.

Raspberry Pi 4 Wifi Monitor Resolution Mini PC

A new problem with Raspberry Pi 4

When it was introduced this year, the Raspberry Pi 4 promised a lot. It was certainly the natural evolution of the previous model and brought much more performance to this mini PC. Above all there was an improvement in the present hardware and even the duplication of the present HDMI ports.

A new wave of complaints has been emerging that shows that Wi-Fi apparently shuts down at random. The causes were unknown and were affecting only Raspberry Pi 4. A programmer has embraced the problem and will have discovered the cause.

Wi-Fi crashes at monitor resolution

What Enrico Zini discovered is simple and may well be the cause of the problem. The solutions presented in the forums where problems were reported were always the same. They recommended using a low resolution for the Wi-Fi issue not to arise.

After spending time on an evaluation, he found that any resolution above 2048 × 1080 led to the problem arising. The original complaints focused on a superior good of 2560 × 1440. There was still the question whether the problem would be in one of the micro HDMI ports present, something that actually happens in 2.

Raspberry Pi 4 Wifi Monitor Resolution Mini PC

This mini PC will work smoothly soon

A discussion available on Hacker News reveals that the issue may not be with Raspberry Pi 4. It should be associated with the use of lower quality cables. These have above all inferior insulation.

However, it is expected that the final solution to this problem will emerge in the coming days. The recommended solution so far involves a lower monitor resolution. Some similarly recommend using higher quality cables to have a solution as well.

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