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The choice of questions is made so that as many topics as possible are covered and that the ones we find most relevant and interesting are presented.

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To continue this rubric, we chose some more questions that were received in the official email from Consultório Pplware.

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Why can't I connect my keyboard to Windows 10?

Good morning being an unconditional visitor to your site, and as I know that your help can be precious in my case, which I will report:

I had a 32-bit desktop pc on which the keyboard is made wirelessly, this keyboard is about 16 years old… I recently acquired a desktop pc too, but with Windows 10 64-bit. when the league appears two squares with the following words

1st square
Wireless Device
hook call failed

2nd. square
Wireless Device
USB service Thread fail

Both in one and another doing ok
work without problems.

What should I do to stop this from happening.

Thank you for your time and it never hurts to praise your contribution.
A. Coutinho



Thanks in advance for your preference.

The resolution of this type of problem, due to its specificity, always has an exploratory aspect, in an attempt to resolve the error.

It is naturally related to the controller, and here two questions immediately arise: did you install any controller for the USB wireless receiver or was it automatically installed by Windows? Also, have you installed any software?

If, on the one hand, if Windows installed automatically, the driver may not be suitable and it may be necessary to search for a manufacturer's driver, on the other hand, if António installed it manually, the Windows driver may be installed. a better alternative. Therefore, depending on the situation, you should consider the alternative.

Then, about those “squares” that appear, it is important to understand if they are system error boxes or if they are triggered by some software that, at system startup, gives this type of error due to some incompatibility with the Windows version.

As I said, it is necessary to explore each of these points and, under the conditions found, try to solve with installation / uninstallation of drivers / software as appropriate and recent as possible.

(Answered by Hugo Cura)

How to prevent and solve problems with 2-factor authentication?

Good afternoon dear friends.

Given the fact that it becomes safer to use the 2FA services from Google and Microsoft Authenticator, the question I ask is how to prevent theft, destruction or damage of the smartphone in order to be able to recover the same service on a new device.

Is there a way to prevent it?


António Pais



Depending on the services, there are always multiple alternatives for the second authentication step, which must be taken into account and configured. In this way, you can always prevent and guarantee account recovery, always with a high level of security.

Some examples:

  • code validation via SMS / call: it is not properly associated with the smartphone, but with the mobile number, therefore, with the SIM card. A duplicate ordered in store solves the problem
  • validation by code generated by mobile app: if for example apps like Google Authenticator don't save data in the cloud (at least until recently), apps like Authy already do. So, you only need to know your login and, from any mobile phone, access the validation code you need
  • code validation via email: if email access is lost, you have the chance to recover that access from an alternative email. It is generally not mandatory to define an alternative email, but it is important that it is done, to prevent recovery situations
  • device validation: if you have multiple devices associated with the account, at least considering the Google account, an authorization screen is triggered on all devices, where you only have to choose “Yes” for the 2nd authentication step to be completed. And of course, these devices must always have a screen unlock protection configured, so that this adds security to the validation process
  • security codes: when setting up account access, it is usually possible to generate unique security codes (10 codes in the case of Google), where each code can be used only once to validate account access.

There are 5 alternatives in the second step of validating authentication, after entering the password. It is true that they are not all immediately available, and some configuration may be necessary, but with all these possibilities, and as long as you do not forget the password and do not lose access to the alternative email, you will always be able to regain access to the accounts.

(Answered by Hugo Cura)

How do I recover my Raspberry Pi SD card?

Again here I am asking you for help.

For the first time it happened to me that when transferring the new update from Kodi-Read 18.9 - via LibreelecCreator - to Rasp. Pi4 and when I insert the Memory Card Reader into the PC with a 16 GB micro SD memory card, the following message appears:

“You need to Format the Disk on Drive E: before you can use it.
Do you want to format it?
Format disk - Cancel ”

When canceling give me a new message:

“The location is not available.
E: is not accessible.
The Volume file system is not recognized.
Make sure that all the file system drivers are loaded and the volume is not damaged ”.

Finally, at START - open “This PC”, I find 3 (three) discs: Local Disk (C :), Libreelec (D :) and USB Stick (E :)!

When thinking that the memory card would be damaged, I tested it with 2 more cards and the messages are the same.

I ask you for help if possible; I still thought about buying a new Memory Card Reader, but I'm afraid the same will happen (can I buy it?).

Thank you and GOOD LUCK to the entire PPLWARE team.


José Afonso



This problem does not appear to be a damaged card reader, but rather a one-off conflict with the card reader driver. It will have to be explored.

The first step you should do is to use another USB port on your computer. It may seem like a strange solution, but the fact is that each USB device is individually installed in each USB port that is used, so that a conflict that exists in the port you are using, will not be replicated with another port that is still in use. has not been used.

Then, of course, the solution that solves 95% of the problems is to restart the computer, which has certainly done so several times.

For the rest, I see no other reason why there are problems with card reading. If using another USB port resolves, you can use the software USBdeview to uninstall the driver for that device from the problematic port.

If the same problem happens in another door, the chances of resolution are tighter. If the card reader has a cable, try using another cable.

You can also experiment, on a card that does not have important data, format it and see if it becomes accessible. You can even try to repartition the card (delete existing partitions and create new ones) using Windows disk management (from Start> Computer management).

A more remote hypothesis is the existence of malware that is encrypting the partition of the cards, and that become corrupted and are no longer accessible.

Good luck in solving the problem.

(Answered by Hugo Cura)

Why does Outlook delete emails on Android?

good night

For a week now, my emails have disappeared from my Samsung S7, especially after opening Outlook.

So don't open Outlook, the mails are on the phone

Soon after, even if they don't open one by one, as soon as I enter the phone's e-mail, they disappear without a trace

The server settings are as follows

IMAP server
Port: 143
IMAP path prefix: Optional

Outgoing server
Port 25

I appreciate your help

Júlio César Ferreira



With this behavior, it is clear that there is a problem with this email client.

The first step to take is to configure the email in another application and check if the behavior is the same.

Most likely it will be working without any problem, which confirms that the failure in the app.

To resolve the issue, you must access the Settings of the smartphone and then search the area for the apps.

There you must find Outlook and open the information area. Then access storage and delete data from the cache. Retest and make sure the behavior is normal.

If the fault persists, go back to the app's storage and delete the full storage.

It should be enough to ensure that Outlook works again as expected.

(Answered by Pedro Simões)

How to create a Windows installation pen on Linux?

Good Morning

I don't know if it would be possible but I really needed your help

I'm having trouble being able to download windows 10

I followed the steps including what you explained and nothing is working

I tried to download it from other places and when I do the recording to the pen drive the application says that the image is not bootable

right now i have a linux distro

João Pires



The problem does not seem to be with the download you are making, assuming you are downloading Windows 10 from an official Microsoft source.

We recommend that you download this site, where the latest version of the Microsoft operating system is available.

What may be failing is the creation of the installation pen. If your experience with this process is less, we recommend that you use an app like WoeUSB.

With it, and in the same way it does in Windows, you can create an installation pen, which boots without a problem.

You just need to follow the steps of the interface, which are extremely simple.

(Answered by Pedro Simões)

Which Huawei tablet do you recommend at the moment?

Good night.

Nowadays advise a Huawei tablet?

Which one?

Diana Moura



Just as we recommend Huawei smartphones, we recommend branded tablets.

It has lots of proposals adapted to the needs, from entry-level models to tablets with everything you need to replace a PC.

The last proposal that we analyzed seems to be the most suitable for the standard user and is really very balanced.

We are talking about MatePad T 10s, which can be used in the context of work, teaching or simply leisure.

Read our article on this proposal and you will certainly be convinced:

As for the issue of apps, which will probably be a doubt, we guarantee that AppGallery and Petal Search will be able to meet your needs.

(Answered by Pedro Simões)

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