Portugal: Drivers will have more days to pay tolls

As is known, the payment of ex-SCUT tolls can be made in two ways: By joining the green route (acquiring an electronic identifier) ​​or later in CTT. The payment term is only 5 days, but the Government wants changes.

According to information, the goal is for drivers not to have to pay fines with “astronomical” values.

Portugal: Drivers will have more days to pay tolls

If you have used the motorways with exclusively electronic toll collection and do not have a device, just consult on here what amount of tolls you currently have in payment. The information is valid for drivers who drive without an electronic device on highways with exclusively electronic charging. The payment term is only 5 days!

It seems strange, but the Government itself extend the deadline for paying tolls at CTT to 30 days. According to the newspaper Público, the objective is "to prevent small toll debts from easily becoming tax enforcement processes and escalating to astronomical values".

Portugal: Drivers will have more days to pay tolls

According to the newspaper, this measure is being studied and is to take effect later this year. If a driver passes a toll without a greenway, he has up to 5 working days (after 48 hours) to proceed with the payment. If this does not happen, the driver is notified by the dealership and has 30 days to pay. If this does not happen, an administrative offense is initiated and the tax enforcement process begins.

The driver will be notified by the tax authorities. The letter with the notification is sent to the car owner's tax address. The tax authorities charge the tax enforcement process and also the administrative offense process.

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