PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will cost less than $ 500, says analyst

With regard to games, although the two most anticipated consoles by gamers are no longer released in the estimated time, we continue to receive news, information on features, features, prices, among others. Recently, an analyst said the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are likely to cost less than $ 500.

Although the world is more still than it was a few months ago, life has to go on, even with some limitations.

Analyst says PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will cost less than $ 500

Recently, analyst Steven Bailey, from Omdia, was in a conversation with the editors of the website TrueAchievements, dedicated to next generation consoles.

The marketing analyst, gave his professional opinion about what he believes will be the price of the consoles, once they reach the market.

Bailey believes that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will cost a maximum of $ 500:

Obviously, prices for both machines are already expected to be around $ 400 to $ 500, in particular $ 500, but it is such a psychological dilemma that I think manufacturers will absorb all the extra costs, rather than risk it.

Putting people on the platform is more important than getting them to spend money in the short term. It is the long term that generates money.

In addition to the price, Bailey also believes that Sony and Microsoft will launch the consoles during this year of 2020. The analyst justifies saying that the postponement of the launch of a new game console has very significant costs.

According to the analyst:

They chose 2020 over 2021 for one reason: they need to start a new console cycle.

Bailey adds that the launch of such equipment costs several billion brands, and the planning can take years. Behind this process, there is a very complex logistics, namely with regard to marketing already underway.

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