The Paytm platform is the biggest mobile payment and purchasing website in India. At first it was just for recharging prepaid cell phones and paying bills, but today they provide a vast online marketplace. Paytm is the number one Indian brand of mobile internet, the consumer brand for One97 communications. You can get a reward when you pay your bills or recharge your mobile balance on Paytm by simply entering some special promo codes. There are tons of recharge offers and coupon codes to choose from, so you’ll want to look around for the best promo code before you go to pay your bill.

Recharge offers, coupons and promo codes

You can get prizes for doing almost anything on the Paytm website, from booking movie theater tickets, paying mobile bills, as well as paying other bills such as gas, electricity, water, financial services, booking metro tickets, gold trading and lots more. Here are some of the latest recharge offers and coupons offered on the Paytm platform:


Movies tickets

Paytm allows you to book your tickets in the comfort of your house. Best of all, right now you can get 50% cash back when you buy at least two movie tickets online on Paytm (up to Rs. 150 cash back) using promo code: MOVIE50

Instant online mobile recharge

 Since our mobile phones have become an important tool in our daily lives, you need to have enough data at all times. With the Paytm platform, you can recharge online anytime, anywhere. And as an added bonus, right now you can get a free movie ticket when you recharge your mobile using promo code: PAYTMFUN

Pay bills on-the-go

 With this fast routine we face every day, many people forget to pay their bills on time. Well, the Paytm platform can do that for you fast and easy! Paytm offers a fast and comfortable payment experience. Just sign in on the website, clicking the icon for the bill you want to pay, and select the payment option. Right now, you can get lots of different recharge offers when you use online bill pay on Paytm.

For example, when you pay your electricity or gas bill, you can earn a free movie ticket (FILMY). For electricity bill payment, you could also choose between a chance to win 100% cash back every hour (BILLPAY), guaranteed Rs. 50 cash back with Rs. 500 or more payment (POWER), Rs. 125 cash back on LED lightbulbs (LED125), or a chance to win an iPhone 7 (PAY2WIN).

There are recharge offers, coupons and promo codes clearly posted all over the Paytm website, so make sure you take a look around to find the best one before making any payments!

Paytm mobile app

Paytm has also application for mobile devices, then we leave the download link Paytm mobile app for Android.


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