Paint is already in the Microsoft app store! Big changes coming soon in Windows 10

Microsoft has been testing and experimenting with its most classic apps, as seen with Paint and Notepad. It intends to remove it from within Windows 10 so that it can be developed in isolation.

With some advances and setbacks, this seemed like a stopped process and waiting for better days. Now, Paint has been seen again in the Microsoft app store, which will bring major changes soon to Windows 10.

Paint Windows 10 Microsoft store apps

The many changes of Windows 10

It is not new that Microsoft is trying to renew Windows 10. This system has undergone profound changes over time, with some well-known apps having a treatment that many might consider unfair and even little worthy.

The truth is that apps like Paint or Notepad can have their days numbered as part of Windows 10. This change may, in fact, not be negative, thus ensuring that there may be more frequent and separate developments from the system itself.

Paint Windows 10 Microsoft store apps

Paint in the Microsoft app store

For some time now, Paint has been said to be about to leave Windows 10, but always without any guarantee or expression. Now, everything seems to have become clearer again with a new discovery made.

The best-known image editor for Windows 10 was found in the Microsoft app store. Although present in this space dedicated to Windows 10, this app cannot yet be installed directly on the operating system.

Paint Windows 10 Microsoft store apps

News coming soon to Windows 10

This news, not yet officially announced, shows that a lot is going to happen in Windows 10. Paint will no longer be installed directly like Windows and will only be available in the Microsoft app store.

It is not yet known when or how this change will happen. It will probably arrive in a next update, ceasing to be present when Windows 10 is installed in a reinstallation of the operating system.

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