Outlook: Microsoft reveals a major update of the app for iPhone and Android

Microsoft has announced that Outlook will be updated with many new features on Android and iPhone, with the launch starting in the coming months. Thus, this Swiss army knife will cover more actions in the user's work and will bring a better usability, much needed on mobile devices.

In addition to future news, we also show you how to put Outlook as the default email client on your iPhone or iPad on iOS 14.

Microsoft Outlook email image on iOS 14

Outlook will receive many news for the mobile app

First, Microsoft wants Outlook to be fully framed with the offer provided by the new iOS 14 update that Apple released earlier this month. Therefore, the app will come with a new widget of calendar Outlook that will display appointments directly on the home screen.

As has been advanced, another Microsoft target is the Apple Watch. Thus, the new update will bring a complication of Outlook. This will appear on the Apple Watch face. In addition, as we will show, the iOS app has also been updated to support becoming the default email client on iOS.

Microsoft is also bring voice commands to your email client existing on iOS and Android. In this way, users can manage their appointments with their hands free, without the need for any kind of touch. At the same time, Microsoft has announced that Outlook will be updated with emoji reactions. So, theoretically, the user will be able to send a quick message with an emoji to an email with just a touch.

Microsoft will also expand the functionality called Play My Emails. This feature allows the Outlook client to read e-mail messages that reach the inbox. This improvement was originally launched earlier this year in the United States, and now Microsoft says it is bringing the same features to more countries.

Microsoft Play my email reaches more countries.

Published by EmpresasToday on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Outlook can now be the default email app on iPhone and iPad

Needless to say, all of this makes Outlook's email app even better on mobile devices. Thus, users have more and more reasons to use Outlook on both iOS and Android. As we already know, on iOS 14 we can set third-party email clients as default. We have already shown here the Google, the Gmail client and now we will do the same for the Microsoft app.

To do this, we are going to Definitions, we researched the Outlook app, and within the app there is the option Default email application. We click on this option and inside the menu we choose Outlook instead of Mail which is the Apple app.

So use and abuse and have the Microsoft email client as your working tool on iOS and Android.

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