Opera 55 for Android brings fully customized dark mode to smartphone

More and more applications are preparing to receive dark mode. This is a logical trend that is spreading on many fronts, improving the proposals that are available to users.

In this field too, browsers have been preparing, with Opera bringing the latest change. With version 55 of Opera for Android came a custom dark mode to the smartphone.

Opera dark mode Android Opera browser

Dark mode looks even better in Opera

Opera wants to be the alternate browser that will dethrone Chrome. Its base is the same, but it can have more refined and user-friendly tools. Dark mode is one such enhancement, which has been improved over time.

The latest version, now released, has brought several improvements to this feature. It is fully customizable and also with the integration of some important news. Dark mode is now fully adjustable to what you want.

Opera dark mode Android Opera browser

This browser has new essential tools.

One of the most important news is the possibility of bringing dark mode to any site. In addition to the interface itself, Opera can apply this change to sites that make it easier to read and navigate.

It does not need to be activated manually and is integrated with night mode. It activates automatically and adjusts with Android itself. Interestingly, this dark mode can also be scheduled in Opera. When necessary, it takes action.

Opera dark mode Android Opera browser

Android seems to be a platform of choice

Finally, we also have an integration between brightness control and color temperature. These can be used together to make better use of this browser. Even the keyboard itself is open to these modes, getting the same adaptation as the browser.

This is great news for Opera on Android. This browser is thus ahead of the competition and with the latest tools. Completely adapted to this system, it can certainly give you a great way to surf the Internet.

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