NOS on HFC is the only operator with strict limitation on YouTube and Netflix

At a time when most people are working from home due to the coronavirus, for those who have this possibility, Internet operators are leveraging efforts to ensure the quality of service. On the one hand, all operators offer 10 GB of mobile data for 1 month, on the other hand, on the fixed network, some customers are suffering an abrupt degradation of some services, such as YouTube and Netflix.

In particular, NOS does not allow you to go beyond 2.5 Mbps on YouTube and 7.2 Mbps on Netflix.

NOS on HFC is the only operator with strict limitation on YouTube and Netflix

This is a situation that, although not surprising at a time like this, is really a disappointment in the way it is being done. In fact, the alert comes from the European commission, which asks “streaming services, operators and users to avoid network congestion”. The idea will, of course, be to avoid abuse and to think that someone may need resources to work.

Coronavirus: MEO, NOS and Vodafone offer 10 GB and sports channels

Streaming services were quick to respond, where both Netflix and YouTube announced measures to save traffic. That is, in the case of Netflix a reduction in quality was made, almost imperceptible, but it saves 25% of traffic, and in the case of YouTube, SD playback is set by default, and it is possible to change it.

NOS traffic shaping identified by ANACOM's NET.mede tool

Test performed on ANACOM's NET.mede tool

On the operators' side, measures were also taken, but with different weights. It is clear that, at this time of voluntary quarantine, the sofa at home becomes of other importance, leisure moments increase sharply.

But, if you are a NOS customer with coaxial cable (the so-called HFC), forget about 4K and get a good deal of patience to browse videos in 1080p or 720p. He returned to 2010.

NOS cable service does not allow streaming beyond 2.5 Mbps

You can have a service of 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps, which will appear to have ADSL “from the bad”. the implementation of traffic shaping it had no “half measures” and was executed in such a way that it makes a dent in the banal use of YouTube and Netflix. You will then not be able to achieve more than 2.5 Mbps (~ 300 KB / s) on a single connection, or 7.2 Mbps on multiple connections.

Netflix does not go beyond 2.5 Mbps on NOS Internet service, on smartphone

Tests performed on the smartphone

Tests were carried out on all operators, namely MEO, Vodafone and NOWO, and no difficulties at this level were identified. Thus, no restriction level was found in any other operator that conditions the normal use of streaming services. The NOS Fibra (FTTH) service is not subject to this limitation.

Tests performed on the computer, using multiple connections.

When contacting technical assistance, in addition to ensuring that the operator does not do any traffic modeling, it is added that such practice is illegal. They also suggest that the customer should contact an external microinformatic assistance service “at their account” to diagnose the problem in the devices that are trying to access such services.

YouTube does not go beyond 2.5 Mbps on NOS Internet service

Want to watch on your YouTube? Right-click on a video, followed by "Advanced Statistics".

The tests used Netflix's speed test service,, advanced YouTube statistics and NET.mede from ANACOM. If a VPN is used, the applied modeling has no effect and thus the streaming services work without problems.

Pplware contacted NOS to understand why a stance was taken that conflicts with the smooth running of subscription services. NOS declined to comment.

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