Neuralink co-founder Max Hodak will leave the company

Neuralink, born in 2016 and presented to the world the following year, has the motto of neurotechnology, in order to cure brain problems, as well as perfecting the human brain, enhancing it. In addition to the well-known Elon Musk, the company was founded by eight other engineers and scientists. One of them, Max Hodak, announced yesterday that he is no longer part of the team.

The announcement was made by Twitter and, for now, the circumstances of the exit are not known.

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Neuralink co-founder moves away from company

One of the basic objectives of Neuralink, based in California, is to improve the human brain, enhancing its skills. To this end, it has already demonstrated tests carried out on monkeys that prove the success it may have as a neurotechnology company.

Although the name most mentioned is that of Elon Musk, there are eight other founding elements. One of them, President Max Hodak, announced, through the social network Twitter, that he is no longer with the company. For now, the circumstances of his departure are unknown, but the co-founder revealed, in the same tweet, that he has not been working there for a few weeks.

Defined and ambitious goals

Recently, Neuralink had an epic moment, when putting a monkey to play computer. In reality, the animal had a discreet implant in its brain that allowed it to perform the moves.

Although he is testing the system on monkeys, Elon Musk mentions several times that the goal is to go further. Neuralink devices may, in the future, provide paralyzed people, for example, with specific skills, such as handling a smartphone with the brain, or moving robotic limbs in the same way.

Some of Neuralink's competitors include companies that develop implants and non-invasive devices, such as headphones, unlike what happens with the implant. Among them are Kernel, Synchron and Neurable, in the USA, CereGate, in Germany and Mindmaze, in Switzerland.

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