Mozilla bypasses Microsoft and makes it easy to set Firefox as the default browser on Windows 11

Microsoft has been changing Windows 11, showing that there is still plenty of room to improve this operating system. In addition, the software giant has taken the opportunity to file some details in the settings, which has not been to everyone's liking.

One of these changes came to the definition of the default browser in Windows 11. If it used to be just a click, now it's much more complicated. Mozilla seems to have now managed to get around this limitation and is already able to set Firefox as the default browser with one click.

Firefox Windows 11 Mozilla Microsoft browser



The relationship of browsers with Windows 11 and Microsoft has not been simple. The software giant has sought to defend its Edge, taking many steps to prevent users from changing its default settings.

The most recent measure has made it almost impossible to change the Windows 11 browser. To do this, users need to change several settings, changing not the software but the access to certain types of files.

In addition, Microsoft also does not allow this change to be automated, and users must make the change. Fed up with this scenario, Mozilla has now decided to take some steps to get around this scenario.

From what is revealed, since the Firefox 91 update, released in August, it has become simple to make this change. Now, with a simple click, it is now simple to change the browser from Windows 11 to Firefox.

Firefox Windows 11 Mozilla Microsoft browser

Everything takes place within the Firefox settings, the user simply presses the known button to do so. Immediately the standard Windows 11 browser is set to Firefox, something that was expected by users.

For now Mozilla seems to be the only one to have taken this "unofficial" step. Google, Vivaldi, Opera and other Chromium-based browsers have not yet taken any steps in this direction. Microsoft also has not yet taken a position on this position. There are reasons to ensure this security, but they are not known.

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