Microsoft promises to improve Bluetooth audio in Windows 10

With constant improvements, Microsoft wants to constantly make Windows 10 a more capable system with relevant news for users. These focus on several areas, which are important and need improvement.

With the new major update of this system about to arrive, it is time to know some news and improvements. The most recent one comes in the field of audio and especially in the one associated with Bluetooth, which will become better and with much more quality.

Windows 10 Microsoft audio novelty Bluetooth

It will be already in May that Microsoft will launch the next major update of Windows 10. Without a specific date for its arrival, it is expected to appear soon and to bring some important news, tested in recent months.

Not being an update with very visible news, it still promises many improvements and some new features. Most will be silent and will make Windows 10 even better and with more important features. The most recent one points to the arrival of an even better sound in the case of Bluetooth.

Windows 10 Microsoft audio novelty Bluetooth

Microsoft has revealed that the next update will finally bring support for the AAC codec, which reinforces the already supported SBC and AptX. This immediately guarantees a much better quality of wireless audio streaming to Bluetooth devices.

Of course, this translates into a much broader support for Apple's AirPods or Huawei's FreeBuds Pro, among many other devices. Finally, it will be possible to have access to all the audio quality that these devices offer to users, now directly on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Microsoft audio novelty Bluetooth

In addition to this very important novelty, Microsoft has a fix ready and being tested. It wants to improve the interface for selecting audio devices, without it being present several times, which often confuses users.

These news associated with audio are being launched by Microsoft now in the program Insiders, in build 21370. With the tests and their evaluation it should be able to be incorporated in the update of May and thus be accessible in Windows 10 quickly.

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