Microlino 2.0: electric mini car that costs 12 thousand euros is hitting the streets

Electric, accessible and increasingly utilitarian, these are some of the scrolls of these cars that are coming to the market. Micro-Mobility announced that, despite having completely renovated the electric Microlino before its launch, the price of the Swiss electric mini-car will remain at the announced 12,000 euros.

Announced last March, the small two-seater car looks like it's ready for testing!

Microlino 2.0 image: electric mini car

Microlino is an electric mini car that costs just 12 thousand euros

This project started at least two years ago. Then we talked about this curious car, which is part of the spirit of the BMW Isetta, to become a practical solution for electric mobility. At that time, the company announced that the small electric would go into production in mid-2018. However, and until today, the company has not been able to realize this fact.

According to Electric Vehicle Web, Microlino is now about to hit the streets as a prototype. Then, and soon, you can start the first tests in real situations.

This advance in the project was driven by a new approach that the company provided to Microlino. Thus, the deep reforms made forced the company to rename this proposal to Microlino 2.0. All this thanks to the foray into the project of a key man in the whole Microlino commercialization process, Jochen Rudat, former director of Tesla in Europe.

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Microlino 2.0 with Tesla influences?

As we can see, the exterior design has been completely redesigned. In fact, very little was left of the initial project. At the front the lines have become smoother and there is a new line of headlights with LED technology integrated in the rear door, the same technology as the headlights that are integrated in the mirrors, leaving behind a clean front door where it gave access to the cabin.

The interior is as unique as the exterior of the Microlino. As we can see, when entering the front door, we find a continuous seat with the capacity to accommodate two passengers. Once the door is closed, it also incorporates the dashboard. In addition, the entrance area houses a steering wheel whose steering column emerges from the ground and on which the control panel, represented by a digital screen, rests.

And the heart of this tram?

If everything was revised on the outside, inside, under the lid there are also news. Thus, both the electric motor and the battery are new elements. There is now a synchronous electromagnet motor that improves efficiency by about 15% compared to the previous motor, the batteries have gone from lithium phosphate to NCM type, similar to lithium ion batteries used in electric motorcycles with the same performance. All this results in autonomy between 125 and 200 kilometers and a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, with a weight that revolves around 513 kilos.

Despite the profound changes to the car, the company said that the base price of the Microlino 2.0 will remain unchanged at 12,000 euros. Thus, it is expected that soon, after the tests are finished, it will reach the market. Micro-Mobility's small electric car will be on the market in 2021.

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