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In India, one of the most crowded countries on the globe, the importance of having a life insurance is not something meaningful for many people. What the Life Insurance Corporation of India does on their website is try to get readers to “know their life insurance”. From the home page, you can link to comprehensive information about all the different types of plans available and learn more about the LIC India company itself. For further details, you can use the “Contact” link at the top of the page to get in touch with a life insurance agent directly.

Life insurance and services

Life insurance is a contract that promises an amount paid to a beneficiary in case the insured should pass away while the policy is in place. Life insurance is recognized universally to be an institution that drops out all “risks” by substituting certainty for uncertainty and comes in time to help the insured person’s family in case of any misfortune befalling the head of the family.

On the LIC India home page, existing life insurance customers can access several online services to make it easier to pay their insurance premiums and check the status of their policies with just a few clicks. To log into your policy, you can click on the “LIC e-Services” link in the middle of the page, or if you’re looking for something specific, scroll your cursor over the “Customer Services” link at the top menu bar so see a list of options.


If you haven’t yet decided on the right life insurance product, you can select the “Insurance Selector” tool from the Customer Services menu. This helpful tool will help you determine how much life insurance you should get and what the term of the policy should be. For extra peace of mind, try plugging some hypothetical values into the “Premium Calculator”, which is available on the LIC India home page. When you know the type of policy you want, you can easily and securely buy your life insurance policy online from Just click on “Buy Policies Online” near the bottom of the page.

Other services on LIC India’s website

LIC India can also provide other special plans for different circumstances. These plans are an excellent mixture of insurance, investment, and peace of mind. For example, LIC India offers pension plans, which are basically individual plans to assure stability in your finances when you retire. These are suitable for seniors, as well as those who are planning their future. You can get more information by clicking on “Pension Plan” in the “Products” menu at the top of the page.

LIC of India Android App

LIC of India also has an application for mobile devices, then we leave the download link of the LIC of India application for Android.



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