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In order to control cash expenditure, it is essential to keep a record of cash expenditure. I know this can be a bit of a chore, but if we don’t start, we’ll never get to know our reality.

So don’t make any more excuses and decide to try. One of my goals is that you lose the fear of starting to write down, on top of everything, your expenses. For that reason, in this article I am going to make it very easy for you so that you do not have excuses. I promise you that I’ve been doing it since the beginning of the year and it’s not that complicated. You just need a little will. Also, how many times do you pay daily in cash? Every time we do less so it won’t be a big effort either.
In the market there are a lot of applications that help you write down the expenses. I use Spendee for several reasons but, as I told you when we explained Fintonic, for me the interface is very important.

How can I get Spendee

The Spendee application is available free of charge for Android operating systems (on Google Play) and for iOs (on the App Store). They are finalizing a web version but they still don’t have it available. As almost all applications have a free version and other paid. Spendee could not be less and has two payment plans, PLUS and PREMIUM.

As you can see, the Premium version also allows you to synchronize your bank accounts, in the same way that Fintonic does. Therefore, and only in the case of contracting the Premium version, you would have integrated in a single App the exhaustive control of your personal finances, both movements through the bank and cash.
Although it is not a very high cost, I recommend that you start with the free version of both applications and start recording the data, which is really important. If later, with time, and once assimilated the habit prefer to use a single application, then you can spend that money on acquiring the PREMIUM version.

How to start using Spendee

Once you have downloaded the application to your device, the first thing you have to do is register and sign up. To do this, you only need to provide an email and a password, or do it through your Facebook user or Google. If you are not registered yet, you will have to press the button “New in Spendee”. If, on the other hand, you are already a user, click on “Currently using Spendee”. Once you have entered this information, to create your Profile, it asks for your Name and Surname and gives you the possibility of inserting a photo. Once this information has been completed, we have created the Profile and we can start using the application.

Updating the Profile

In this section I am going to show you the different options that your profile offers you.I recommend you take a look before starting to use the application and modify the settings if necessary.

By clicking on the drop-down in the upper left corner you will see the main Profile screen.

Here you have two options:

Click on the photo or image, and you will have access to the SETTINGS. It presents you with several options (edit profile, General, Bank accounts, Assistance and About). In this section, the most important aspects to take into account in the initial configuration are:

  • Access code: you can enter a 4-digit personal code to protect access to your data.
  • Notifications: You can configure when you want notifications to arrive.
  • Export data: allows you to export the data of the period you select in .csv and/or .xls format.
  • Add bank account: only if you have contracted the PREMIUM version.
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