It's time to update the browser! Google launched Chrome 80 for PC and Android

Google has been moving at a fast pace creating new features for Chrome. With each new version, the research giant presents improvements in several areas that will help users at various levels.

This has been seen in the latest versions and has happened again now. With the Chrome 80, which has just arrived, it brings improvements again. They focus on security, in particular to protect users' browsing data.

Chrome Google browser cookies notifications

Chrome notifications have changed

Google's main concern in the latest versions of Chrome has been the usability and the way this browser notifies users. Less and less these are being intrusive and try to go unnoticed to ensure a more fluid navigation.

With the 80 version, this path continued to be followed and there are changes again. Thus, alert notifications are no longer as visible, being limited to the address bar, with the minimum interaction required.

Chrome Google browser cookies notifications

A new paradigm for cookies in this browser

There is also a change in the use of the HTTPS protocol. Google has driven this movement and now Chrome will try to give it more strength. In the case of mixed content, it will try to serve these using https, to avoid situations of lack of security.

Another area of ​​change, also focused on protection, is in cookies. Only so-called “Same Site” will be allowed. This means that only those who have this definition will be treated as trustworthy and allowed. The rest will receive a different rating.

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A great job from Google

In addition to all these improvements, Google continued to improve its browser. There are corrections to identified problems and general improvements in terms of performance and behavior on the different platforms where it is present.

This new version is already available for both desktop, with Windows Linux and Mac having it for installation. Android has also received this version, with all the associated news.

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