Is your Internet slow? In Germany a horse won a race on a simple upload

This is a strange story, but it shows well the problems we can have in certain so-called civilized regions and with the necessary infrastructure. The eternal complaint of Internet access speed has now had a new chapter and shows how complicated it can be.

A German photographer, who lives in a rural area, decided to run a race to show how slow his Internet access is. He put his ADSL and a horse face to face to see which of the 2 was slower. Interestingly, the result shouldn't be what you're thinking.

ADSL horse racing internet



Before we move on to this unusual story, it's good to give readers some background. Everyone is aware of cases of slow Internet access, especially in rural areas. This scenario is unwanted and the photographer Klaus-Peter Kappest, from Woll magazine, decided to make a joke, to show its reality.

With a fiber connection that insisted on not being terminated, due to the operator's lack of scheduling 8 months ago, its connection to the world was only 1.5 Mbps (download). So, he decided to make a simple race, putting a rider and his Internet connection face to face.

The scenario was simple, trying to see who could cover the nearly 10 km that separated their house from the print shop where they wanted to print some photographs. The rider would take the DVD with 4.5GB and his ADSL would only have to send the same data to WeTransfer.

In fact, and as revealed, this was not a fair race. To ensure there would be some fairness, upload it to the Internet 20 minutes before delivering the DVD. To ensure some safety, he didn't just follow one horse, but he was accompanied by a support horse.

ADSL horse racing internet

With this scenario in place, the race has started and the result is, to say the least, embarrassing for the Internet provider. On the riders side, the service was finished in just over 1 hour. The Internet access ended, but it can take 4 hours, with the horses already resting for a long time when the race finally ended.

Jokes and races aside, this is a reality that is unfortunately very common. Even in the case of developed countries with well-implemented infrastructures, there are many people who are almost isolated from the world due to slow Internet connections, constant failures or simply because there are no solutions.

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