“IPhone SE is faster than the fastest Androids,” says Tim Cook

In the past fortnight, Apple toasted its customers and admirers with the presentation on the new iPhone SE, a low cost device at a price from 499 €. This appears to be a powerful smartphone, for its value, showing many similarities to the iPhone 8.

Apple estimates that sales of this device exceed expectations, and CEO Tim Cook recently stated that the iPhone SE is "faster than the fastest Android", then hoping that the smartphone will win over users of the rival operating system.

With more equipment already in preparation, Apple launched its latest iDevice in mid-April. The new iPhone SE fits in a low cost range, with a price starting at € 499.

On the outside, and also on the inside, it looks a lot like the iPhone 8, with a 4.7 inch screen, large bezels at the top and bottom and a home button with Touch ID.

The 64 GB version is priced at € 499, the 128 GB model will cost € 549 and the 256 GB model will cost € 669.

Tim Cook wants iPhone SE to win over Android users

The Apple CEO looks happy with his new creation. According to Tim Cook, the iPhone SE is a fast device, even faster than the fastest Androids.

The claims came during Cook's response to a question about the possible sales success of the new iPhone in specific geographic areas. The CEO said that while better sales are estimated in places where people have less income, he expects the smartphone to attract a reasonable number of Android users.2020 iPhone SE image released by Apple

Tim Cook adds that one of the advantages of the iPhone SE is that it includes the iPhone 11 engine, but in a smaller and more accessible format:

It works in all geographic areas, but I hope it sells better where the average yield is lower. I hope that a reasonable number of people will migrate to iOS. It is an unbelievable offer. It brings the mechanism of our main phones, in a very affordable package, and is faster than the fastest Android phones. It is an exceptional value.

CEO says Apple has always had good products at good prices

The executive was also asked whether, with the new iPhone, Apple intends to adjust the price of smartphones of the apple brand. In reply, Cook adds that Apple has always tried to have good products at good prices.

We always try to offer the best product at a good price. This fundamental strategy has not changed at all. As you know, we had an SE for a while. It's great to bring it back, it was a beloved product. I would read nothing but that we want to offer people the best deal possible while we produce the best product.

These statements are likely to arouse some reactions, particularly to users of Android devices. However, only after the necessary tests can we conclude whether the iPhone If it is, or not, really that fast.

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