Instagram in tests to set your favorite users and control your feed

Some time ago, Instagram changed the functioning of the algorithm in such a way that users started to receive, for example, content that was several days old, or not to receive posts from some followers at all. Now, the social network is testing a feature that will allow them to organize their feed.

To do this, users will be able to define new ‘Favorites’ and sort what they see on the Instagram homepage.

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After the various updates that shaped the functioning of the algorithm, users are, several times, doing scroll in your feed from Instagram and travel through countless publications until they effectively interact with one of them – whether through a taste, a comment, a share, or saving the content in question.

Users didn't like this way of being on the social network and Instagram noticed. To change this reality, the social network is testing a solution that will serve to order the way publications appear in the users' feed. It's called ‘Favorites’ and it will allow you to highlight the followers that people want to see first.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile phone programmer, the 'Favorites' feature being tested by Instagram will allow users to categorize the most important accounts that interest them most – whether they are from friends, content creators or influencers. Once highlighted, these followers' posts will appear right at the top of the feed of the user.

Instagram currently updates the feed by the most recent publications and most shared by the people who follow, as well as other indications, such as the probability of a certain user interacting with a content. However, despite this form of organization, the user does not always find content that he is really interested in seeing.

So, if this feature in testing becomes official, the user will be able to organize the feed, prioritizing the followers that interest you the most.

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