If you send audios via WhatsApp you will love this news that is coming

As one of the largest messaging services on the Internet, WhatsApp gives users many ways to communicate. It is not limited to the exchange of texts, but goes much further, with audio messages and even video and voice calls.

With constant improvements and innovations, he wants to give the best to users. The latest discovery shows that it will have a new feature soon, focused on the audios sent and that gives the users total control of what they will contain.

WhatsApp audios novelty messages listen

A change in WhatsApp messages

If the majority of WhatsApp users focus on exchanging text messages, many others prefer to send audios. These messages are simpler to create, just dictate to the smartphone what we want to send, without wasting time writing.

Of course, whoever receives the messages also has advantages, as it is much easier to perceive. Instead of having to read the messages, without context or intonation, the user receives the audios as if the sender had to give them to himself.

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What's new for audios

A problem that often happens is not knowing if the dictated messages are right. It is not possible to listen to the audio before it is sent, which usually leads to the deletion of the audio and its repetition, over and over again.

To end this situation, WhatsApp has a new feature coming soon. It was discovered that the Review option, which is thought to be dedicated to listening to audios, is being tested. When pressing this new button it should be possible to hear the audios recorded before sending them.

WhatsApp audios novelty messages listen

You will be able to hear everything before sending

The novelty was revealed by the well-known WABetaInfo channel, being still in internal tests, without being available in the test channel. It is expected that it will soon appear for evaluation in both the Android and iOS versions.

This is an excellent novelty for those who base the use of WhatsApp with the sending of audios. It is simpler to review all messages before they are sent, saving you time when recording new ones or problems when sending with failures, or errors.

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