Huawei wants to switch to Qualcomm processors on its smartphones

The actions of the Trump administration and the U.S. against Huawei have raised problems for the brand when it comes to supplying components for smartphones. If many of these are self-built, some essential depend on other suppliers.

With large restrictions, it has been having trouble finding who sells some essentials. One of them, processors, may no longer be a problem if you get Qualcomm authorized to supply them.

Huawei Qualcomm processors USA smartphones

Huawei may have trouble finding processors

With the end of the special authorization to negotiate with US companies, Huawei has been trying to secure a supplier for the processors of its smartphones. There are several brands willing to enter this business, but none have yet obtained the necessary authorization.

The brand was prevented from building its processors and therefore depends on an external supplier. Huawei now asks the US to authorize Qualcomm to supply this component, changing its approach and abandoning its own production.

Qualcomm could be the solution for the brand's smartphones

This association with Qualcomm comes after Huawei arranged for Intel to supply its processors, thus ensuring an important supplier. In this way your computer business is guaranteed and with a future, which seemed not to be very clear.

The brand thus has a change of position, something relevant in view of its past and what it practiced. He no longer wants to control production and now wants to buy from American suppliers. Thus, even without access to technology, it manages to maintain its position in the market.

Huawei Qualcomm processors USA smartphones

It all depends on an authorization from the US government

In fact, Qualcomm had already placed an order to supply components to Huawei. The American brand is still waiting for the response from the US government, which, if positive, will guarantee Huawei essential help to keep its business in the smartphone area.

There are still other brands interested and that can replace Qualcomm. MediaTek itself has a similar request submitted and is also awaiting a response. It may not seem very natural, but we may soon see Huawei smartphones appear on the market with Snapdragon SoCs, thus remaining competitive.

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