How to uninstall iOS apps

If you wish to uninstall an app from your iOS device, then you need to know there are many different ways to do it. Depending on the model or version of the device or OS, some of these uninstalling options may not work, but they will work perfectly on most iPhone and iPad models.

Uninstalling by Tapping on X

This is the easiest way to uninstall an app on your iOS device. All you need to do is find the icon of the app you wish to uninstall. Once you do that, you’ll notice that each icon has an X in the top corner. If you tap that, the app will uninstall and all the data will disappear. That’s why you should create a backup in case you ever need to use the app again. Do keep in mind that if the app you want to uninstall doesn’t have an X, it means that the app came with the OS, so it’s impossible for you to uninstall it.

uninstall iOS apps

Uninstalling Via Settings

This is the second most common way to uninstall an app on iOS. All you need to do is go to Settings and then tap on “General” so you can go to “Storage & iCloud – Storage Management”. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to see a list of all the apps you’ve installed on your iOS device. All you have to do here is tap on the app you wish to uninstall, tap on “uninstall” and that’s it! Do keep in mind that this option will allow you not only to see all the apps you’ve installed, but also to know how much storage the occupy, which is always helpful when it comes to managing your apps.

Uninstalling Via iTunes

Yet another way to uninstall an app from your iOS device is through iTunes. To do this, you need to plug your device to a computer with an USB cable. Once you do that, go to iTunes and open the “apps” tab that you’ll find on the side menu. There, you’ll find the list of apps you’ve installed on your device, so all you have to do is click on the “delete” button. You can also right-click on the app and a menu will pop up with the option to delete the app. Another thing you can do is just leave the app on the Mac folder, that is in case you don’t want to permanently delete the app.

Uninstalling by Using Software

Last but not least, another alternative to uninstall an app from your iOS device requires using another app or a special software for this purpose. One of the most recommended pieces of software for this purpose is iMazing, which you must install on your computer. Once you do that, you’ll see that this app is super easy to use. All you need to do is plug your device to the computer with an USB cable, open iMazing, and it will automatically recognize all installed apps on your device, thus making it easy for you to uninstall.

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