Have you tried the news? Telegram for Desktop has been updated with major improvements

Of the messaging services that we have available on the Internet, Telegram claims an aura of security and privacy above all others. This is one of the most complete apps that we can use and with many good features.

This service has just launched a new version for Desktop that brings many new features. These focus mainly on an area that users are increasingly interested in. We talk about the videos and how they can be seen. Of course, there is much more to discover.

Telegram Desktop News PiP Images

Many news on Telegram

If in the mobile version Telegram is already a reference and the choice of many, it is on the Desktop that it has been growing and improving. Above all, it seeks to bring to this version everything that it has managed to create for the other platforms.

Version 1.9.21, now released for Windows, comes with a set of news that was expected a long time ago. The main one is even focused on the videos that are received, something that increasingly happens.

The big news of PiP

PiP (Picture in Picture) mode is finally present, giving the user the possibility to continue their conversations while watching the videos they received in their conversations. It opens in a separate window for ease of use.

Telegram Desktop News PiP Images

There is also more news in the field of videos. The playback speed can now be controlled, just as it was with the audios received in the conversations. Users can simply speed up or slow down the video to their liking.

Images have also been improved

Also, and in the field of images, there are also important news. From now on it is possible to change the direction of a received image, directly in the application. The idea is to ensure that they are corrected before being forwarded to other contacts.

This new version is now available for update, the user simply restarting the application to apply it. Immediately the news will be available and ready to be used by everyone.

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