Got a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note8? Then you will not get the new Android 10

Android updates have always been a problem for users. If in many cases they arrive late, many still capable devices are denied the arrival of new versions and updates for Android.

There has been a lot of work done in the right direction and Samsung has shown it to users. Still, and with Android 10, two more great proposals are left out. Both the Galaxy S8 and Note8 will not receive the latest version of the system from Google.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Note8 Android 10 Update

Samsung has Android 10 update ready

As soon as Android 10 was released by Google, the rumors started. Several brands have announced the arrival of this version to their equipment, with well-defined plans for its release. This information has not always been official, but the truth is that it seems to be being fulfilled.

Samsung has already started its work to adapt Android 10 to its devices. To this end, it launched trial versions, which were being evaluated by users of the brand's smartphones. One UI 2.0 is already a reality about to arrive.

Galaxy S8 and Note8 are out of this new version

The latest information shows that there are smartphones that will be left out of this update. We talk about the Galaxy S8 and S8 + models, as well as the Note8. This would be its third version of Android, but Samsung will have decided to leave them out.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Note8 Android 10 Update

These devices hit the market in 2017 and were based on Android Nougat, and later received the Android Pie. The extensive list presented this week shows your future reality. The Galaxy S8 and Note8 were not among the 40 featured devices and so are left out of Android 10.

Andriod and Google standard rule is being met

Although it may seem strange to many, this was an expected change. Samsung only guarantees 2 years of updates for smartphones. These 2 machines have now reached their maturity and will therefore no longer receive the expected updates.

You will still have to receive confirmation from Samsung, but the truth is that this should really be the end of the updates. The Galaxy S8 and Note8 are thus coming to the end of their update life, with users looking for other ROMs for new features.

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