Google is back to investigation! European Union wants to know more about data collection

Google's market dominance puts it in a unique position. It can call you most Internet users and thus have access to all your information. Their practices are not always the right ones and this draws the attention of regulators.

One of the most active entities in this field is the European Union, which closely monitors these practices. It is precisely this entity that will be investigating Google again. This time they want more information on how the search giant collects user data.

Google European Union collects investigated data

A new European Union investigation

There are no formal charges and no open cases yet, but the European Union is evaluating Google's practices. In this sense, this will be just another case that this entity initiates and that is still only a preliminary investigation.

The European Union should focus this time on how Google collects user data and then uses it. This is a unique advantage of the company over its competitors and results from its dominant position.

Google European Union collects investigated data

This will include data associated with local search services, online advertising and targeted advertising services. Also authentication services, browsers and others will be evaluated. In short, all major services of the company will be evaluated.

Investigated how Google collects data

As always, Google has responded to these likely charges. The research giant has revealed that it uses this data to improve its services. It also indicated that users can manage their data. In addition, these can be changed, deleted or downloaded at any time.

Google European Union collects investigated data

The European Union has been very critical of Google's positions and practices. The European space regulator has already fined Google more than € 8 billion over the past 2 years. It has also forced the American company to change its practices.

It is still too early for any conclusion, but Google will probably be in for another formal investigation. The European Union will probably find matter for yet another investigation. The result of this will dictate the penalty and the measures to be applied.

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