Google Chrome: Never lose your accidentally closed tabs again

Time and time again we are surfing the internet and we closed a tab by mistake or even Chrome completely, losing all open tabs. The solutions are so simple that you should not miss them.

Find out how to proceed to never lose your accidentally closed tabs again.

Google Chrome: Never lose your accidentally closed tabs again

Tab management in Chrome has been gaining extraordinary improvements. Today it is possible, for example, to create groups of themes and to manage the tabs that are inside, by colors. Thus, management becomes much more efficient and the user more productive.

But there are old tricks that should not be overlooked because of their importance. Losing tabs can be a headache for many, but the solution is simple. There are, therefore, two ways to manage this area adapted to different situations.

# 1 Define the session restore whenever the browser is opened

The first step in this process is to adjust Chrome's startup settings. That is, if you close the browser by mistake, this adjustment will guarantee that all your tabs are still there ready to be used.

You should then open the Definitions Chrome and choose the option On startup. You will then have to select the option Continue where you left off.

# 2 Open recent tab

Another trick to have at your fingertips is a key combination. O Ctrl + Shift + T opens the last closed tab instantly ...

The best thing is that if it continues to load, the various tabs you closed during that session will appear.

Basically, this command gives you direct access to the recent history that you can also consult on the Menu Chrome (vertical ellipsis). In Historic you will then have the tabs recently closed, not only on your PC, but also on other devices where you have Chrome with your account.

See more essential keyboard shortcuts here:

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