Gigabyte unveils diagonal-format graphics card concept

Every now and then the market is agitated with the inclusion of products with some innovative trait. This innovation can be at the level of software and features that it offers or also through construction, materials or the format.

In this sense, Gigabyte has now revealed an interesting concept for a future graphics card. It is then a GPU with a diagonal design. It remains to be seen if there are really plans from the brand for this novelty, or if it is a delayed joke on April 1.

As a rule, graphics cards have a rectangular shape, although they are all different from each other in terms of design. However, there are some brands thinking 'out of the box' and trying to bring innovative products with differentiating details to the market.

Gigabyte shows diagonal GPU

The official Twitter account of Aorus España, a Gigabyte company, published the image of an interesting graphics card concept, but different from what we are used to. It is then a GPU with diagonal design, something that will certainly create some strangeness in several consumers.

The equipment has several metallic details in its structure and has the characteristic gaming appearance.

The publication itself does not reveal anything special and, therefore, leaves open the possibility that the Taiwanese company is preparing something like this. This can also be a strategy of the manufacturer to probe the opinion and acceptance of consumers to advance or discard the idea.

However, if Gigabyte's idea was really to know the opinion of the followers, then the conclusion that must have been reached is that there are those who feel more strangeness than interest. But, who knows, maybe this concept could become a reality and even become, in the future, a trend followed by other brands.

On the other hand it can also be a joke by the brand… although it is already quite late for the day of lies.

What is your opinion about the diagonal design of this graphics card?

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