Get ready! Android 12 is due to be unveiled to users on October 4th

Google has the next version of Android in the works, with many test versions having been introduced in recent months. These seek to ensure that this system is flawless and hassle-free for smartphones and users.

There is no specific release date yet, but Google pointed to the next few weeks. The latest information reveals that the launch date for Android 12 is expected to arrive soon, on October 4th.

Android 12 Google version tests



A new Android is released every year

Every year, on a cyclical basis, Google introduces the world to a new version of Android. The research giant develops these versions over several months, trying to create the perfect version for the many smartphones that use this system.

This year is no different and Google has Android 12 in preparation, with many new features and many improved features. The test versions have been coming up in a rhythmic way and show that this new version is already close to the stability that is intended.

There will be no more trial version of Android 12

With the arrival of the latest test version of version 12, Google had revealed that the final version was coming. The information presented at the time revealed that it should be released "within a few weeks", something that may now have been confirmed.

Now, and from what was revealed on Twitter, Android 12 is expected to have a release date. The advanced date points to October 4th as the date on which Google will introduce Android 12. It is on that same day that the open-source version of this system is also expected to be released.

Google prepares the arrival of more news

If this date is confirmed, it may also be on that day that Google will present its next smartphone. Pixel 6 is already partially known, although it has not been formally revealed. This will, of course, be the first to have Android 12.

Although this is excellent news, the truth is that Android 12 will still be far from reaching many users. It will depend on the brands to create their update versions, something that is known to take several months to be a reality.

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