Firefox loses ground again for Edge and Chrome remains on top

The browser struggle has been fierce and leaves Firefox in a very bad position, giving Edge a very high profile. This new Microsoft browser appeals to many users and is already the obvious choice for many.

The numbers seem to confirm this unique new position and very relevant growth. There is one more source to guarantee that Firefox has lost its position and that Edge is now taking its position in the browser market, still far from Chrome.

Edge Firefox browser Chrome market

Firefox keeps losing ground

It is nothing new that Edge is becoming an increasingly better browser. This has received constant news and improvements that make it a proposal that increasingly captivates users, and not only in Windows 10.

Its performance would have led to it having already surpassed Firefox, but the data was still only limited to a reliable source. In the middle of last year, information from NetApplications Market Share showed that this overtaking had already been accomplished.

Another proof that Edge grows in the market

As the months passed, this position became more and more obvious, as a result of some changes that Microsoft took. This is now the standard Windows 10 browser and the natural (and imposed) replacement for Internet Explorer and the original Edge.

Now, and according to data from the well-known StatCounter, Edge has once again scored a position. Microsoft's new proposal has also surpassed Firefox on this statistics platform, assuming its position in the browsers table.

Edge Firefox browser Chrome market

Chrome is still the browser that dominates

The difference is still marginal, but it shows that Firefox is really losing ground and its prominent position. Its second position in this market is threatened and it will be difficult to recover. The weight of Windows 10 here will be important and Edge is the default on this system.

As for Chrome, nothing seems to have changed over the past few months. It dominates in a unique way and at a distance that it will hardly be able to recover by any of the competing browsers in the coming years.

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