Facebook didn’t hire black employees because they didn’t “fit the culture”

Most people use some, if not several, Facebook platforms. Although we know how it works, the company, internally, is an unknown for users. However, it ceases to be as situations are disclosed.

According to a report, Facebook did not hire black employees, because they did not "fit the culture" of the company.

Employees that fit the culture of Facebook

According to the Washington Post, three black candidates found themselves rejected by Facebook, despite meeting all the qualifications. In this regard, all filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), which is responsible for investigating discriminatory acts at the workplace and at work.

There is no doubt that they can do the job, but we are really looking for a compatible culture.

The hiring manager said to one of the candidates, according to The Post.

In addition, he revealed to the newspaper that he was asked to look for employees who fit the culture of Facebook, which, by the way, “does not reflect the culture of the black people”.

After initial reports, which said that Facebook had turned down black candidates for failing to "fit in," more people filed a complaint, claiming similar experiences.

A Facebook operations manager, Oscar Veneszee Jr., said he believed that several qualified candidates were rejected for not "fitting" into the company's culture.


“An invisible cloud that hovers over candidates of color”

In the summer of last year, the EEOC began investigating Facebook for alleged bias. However, a company spokesman said that

We added diversity and inclusion goals to the performance assessments of senior leaders. We take allegations of discrimination seriously and have strong policies and processes in place for employees to report concerns, including concerns about micro-aggressions and policy violations.

Furthermore, he said that the company does not seek a cultural fit at the time of hiring.

While it is not clear what features are needed to fit into Facebook culture, Rhett Lindsey, a former recruiter at the company, explained that there is no cultural check on the application form. However, “on Facebook there seems to be an invisible cloud that hovers over candidates of color”.

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