Facebook data leak confirms that Mark Zuckerberg uses competitor services

Signal and Telegram services were in high demand after privacy changes involving WhatsApp and Facebook. Although the company that owns the two services ensures that users' data remains secure, the truth is that many then migrated to the other services… including Zuckerberg.

The discovery came after data from more than 533 million Facebook user accounts were released.

Facebook data leak confirms that Mark Zuckerberg uses competitor services

No one escaped Facebook's data leak

In the most recent leak of data from Facebook users that exposed private information of more than two million Portuguese, Mark Zuckerberg's data was also exposed.

Some security researchers have managed to locate the name of the CEO of the company that owns the largest social network in the world and thus have access to data such as phone number, location, details of their wedding and even their Facebook user ID.

Mark Zuckerberg on Signal

Now, with the telephone contact, it was easy to see that Zuckerberg also has an account with the Signal service.

David Walker, on his Twitter account, released an image where, despite hiding part of the number, it clearly identifies it in the competition's service.

Mark Zuckerberg also respects his own privacy, using a chat application that has end-to-end encryption and is not owned by Facebook.

Recent data regarding the installation of apps reveal that Signal was one of the most installed services, unlike WhatsApp, which suffered a break in the ranking.

How to know if your account is in the Facebook leak?

Knowing if your data was published in the Facebook leak is easy and the process is explained in the following article:

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