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Smartphones also offer fast and convenient solutions for the financial world. A good example of this is the Expensify “” Expense Reports application. It is a solution designed for business people and for all those who want to keep a detailed control of all their expenses and invoices comfortably and instantly.

This application works as an add-on to the service offered by Expensify on the Internet. With Expensify it is easy to import credit cards or bank accounts and apply the expenses that take place throughout the day. It is in this part of the process that the Expensify “” Expense Reports mobile application comes into play. This serves as a tool to be able to instantly record all these expenses, and not just that. In addition, it allows to photograph and scan invoices so that the application automatically detects the amount, without the user entering data.

Its handling can become somewhat complex at first, especially if one does not have an average level of English. Once registered, either through a Gmail account, the website or from the application itself, we see that it offers four options on its main screen. With Receip we can photograph a ticket so that it automatically synchronizes with the data on the user’s website. However, there are only 10 free scans. To enter expenses manually, you have to use the Expense menu, where you can enter the amount, date and other data along with a photograph of the invoice.

The Business card button allows you to scan contact cards. And, finally, in Mileage, it is possible to keep track of fuel expenditure to apply it along with the other amounts. In short, Expensify – Expense Reports is a very complete application designed to know what we spend every penny on. It has also been developed for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone mobiles, as well as for iPad. And it can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, BlackBerry App World or iTunes.

Actually, what Expensify does is to keep several “invoices”, in which we will be able to write down our expenses, when they were made and in what concept, also offering to categorize them and then create graphs representative of what we have spent. However, the interesting thing about Expensify for me is not its handling of our finances, but rather its approach, very similar to Evernote.

Why do I say it’s similar to Evernote? Because we can take a picture of a purchase ticket and then attach it to an expense, forward invoices that have arrived by mail to Expensify to store as an attachment, expense report from SMS or email directly, and has applications for both iPhone and Android, BlackBerry and Palm Pre. We also have the ability to automatically register our credit card data.

Undoubtedly, a very useful application to keep a good control of our expenses from anywhere, and very comfortably. In addition, it does not require registration and we can use it directly. The only drawback is that it is completely in English, so at first we may lose a little in its use, but it quickly becomes practical.

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